Stingray: Next-Generation Spectral Timing

Stingray is a community-developed astrophysical spectral-timing software package written in Python.

Stingray logo, outline of a stingray on top of a graph of the power spectrum of an X-ray binary

There are a number of official software packages for X-ray spectral fitting (XSPEC, ISIS, Sherpa, …). Such a widely used and standard software package does not exist for X-ray timing, so until now it has mainly been the domain of custom, proprietary software. Stingray originated during the 2016 workshop The X-ray Spectral-Timing Revolution: a group of X-ray astronomers and developers decided to agree on a common platform to develop a new software package. The goals were to merge existing efforts towards a timing package in Python, following the best guidelines for modern open-source programming, thereby providing the basis for developing spectral-timing analysis tools. This software provides an easily accessible scripting interface, a GUI, and an API for experienced coders. Stingray’s ultimate goal is to provide the community with a package that eases the learning curve for advanced spectral-timing techniques, with a correct statistical framework.

Further spectral-timing functionality, in particularly command line scripts based on the API defined within Stingray, is available in the package HENDRICS. A graphical user interface is under development as part of the project DAVE.


If you use Stingray for work presented in a publication or talk, please help the project by providing a proper citation.


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